Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hi there!  Sorry it's been so long.  You know the holidays were upon us which of course is crazy for everyone.  My son got sick and ended up in the hospital for a night/day.  And we found out we're pregnant with baby #2!!!!  Due sometime is September.  YAY!!!!!  We're very excited about that news.  My son had a good 1st Christmas even though he was battling the tail end of his illness.  We're feeling very blessed.

But, I wanted you to know that you have not been forgotten.  I am in the process of making a list of diapers I have yet to review.  (There are a bunch!)  Posts about stuffing pocket diapers.  The World of WAHM diapers.  More store reviews.  So, please stay tuned.  I hope to get to some posts in the next week or so.

Happy "New" Year!  Lets make 2010 a great year for our children and families.  :)