Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just popping in...

to say that I am NOT a fan of prefolds and covers.  lol  They aren't hard just really bulky.

I am finding that my pocket diapers (mainly the Rocky Mountain Diapers and bumGenius 3.0s) are as good of a fit and less bulky on her.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

She's Here!

My daughter made her debut on August 26!!!  We are finally home and everyone is doing well.  She is beautiful and a very calm newborn.  We just love her to pieces.  Big brother is coping amazingly.  He loves to watch her and is fascinated by her mouth.  There will be a little blogging hiatus from me as I get used to being a mommy of two.  But, I promise to be back with more diaper reviews, videos, and some discussions on newborn diapering.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket - CHEAP Diapering Solution

Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket Diaper - $12.95 for a plain color, $16.95 for the cow print

Materials:  The outer material is PUL (the cow print is minky), the inner of the diaper is microfleece (the cow print is suede cloth).  The rise and closure are snaps.  Microfiber insert and doubler.
Fit:  7 - 35 lbs.
How it works:  This Tweedle Bugs Diaper is a One Size Pocket Diaper.  The Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket has openings at the front and back of the diaper for easy stuffing (or removal of insert).  The rise is adjustable through a series of snaps on the front of the diaper and the waist closure is a two snap adjustment on each side.
Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  It is so unfortunate that this diaper comes in so few colors.  While having the one cow print available is nice, I wish they would focus on having more solids available first.  There are only 6 solids available: black, white, blue, light blue, green (pale), and yellow (pale).  While they may have chosen these colors for their "gender neutral" friendliness I actually find them to be more geared towards boys.  (Now my oldest is a boy so I don't mind that, but it is unfortunate for moms who would like a cheaper diaper with more variety of colors.)  I find it odd that the snaps on the black diaper are also black, but on the other colors are all white.  

Functionality -  For what the Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in function.  I love the PUL on this diaper as the inside isn't "sticky" like so many PUL diapers are.  It makes sliding the insert into the pocket a breeze!  I also like the pocket opening in the front and the back.  This makes the Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket easy to un-stuff if you have a messy blow out poop at the back.  If I had a qualm with the front opening it would be that you need to tuck the microfleece over the insert.  Otherwise it sticks out of the top.  The microfleece is supposed to stick out the top of the back (although you can tuck it if you prefer).  I love a diaper that has two snaps on each wing.  That makes the adjusting at the waist and thighs so much easier, gives a tighter fit all around, and stops wing droop-age.  The rise on this diaper is should accommodate the weight limits they give from what I can tell.

Durability -  The Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket has held up well to many washings.  The PUL has stayed nice as well as the color, and the inside remains soft.

Availability -  I have found this diaper to be fairly easy to come across unlike the other cheap diapers I have reviewed for you.  Just type it into google and you should find a good number of stores that carry the Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket Diaper.

Of all of the "cheap" diapers I have tried the Tweedle Bugs is by far my favorite one.  I will definitely be holding onto this one.  With that said...I think they can only gain a larger customer base by adding more color and/or print options to their line.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Video: Description of AI2s and AIOs

Okay...3 things:
1)  AI2 = All In Two/Hybrid; AIO = All In One

2) I accidentally said that bumGenius AIOs have microfleece sewn inside of the pocket.  I meant to say microfiber.  Oops!  I should make myself a script first or something.

3)  Not all AIO diapers come in separate sizes.  Some of them do come in OS (One Size).  I think I said this, but I wanted to make sure.  :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Kawaii Baby Minky One Size Pocket - CHEAP DIAPERING SOLUTION!!!

*** I want to start this off by pointing out that there are several styles of Kawaii Pocket diapers. Not all are minky.  Most are PUL.  All are OS, except for the Pure & Natural Pocket which goes from 0-15 months.  Some of a PUL barrier at the top.  Some of the minky have bamboo.  And all have different pricing.  The PUL are cheaper than the minky, and if you google them they can be found in bulk packages even cheaper.  I am linking to the site I purchased my diapers from.  I only tried the minky so that is what I am reviewing here.
If you click on the Title of this post it will take you to the Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique page with all of the Kawaii's listed.

Kawaii Baby Minky One Size Pocket - $10.95
Materials:  The outer material is layers of soft minky fabric which is waterproof and breathable.  The closure is available in snaps or velcro depending on the diaper pattern.  The inside is microfleece and it came with 2 microfiber inserts.
Fit:  8 - 44 lbs.
How it works:  Kawaii Minkys are a One Size (OS) pocket diapering system.  The absorbent inserts are placed in the pocket and can be adjusted for your absorption needs.  Snaps the front of the diaper allow the diaper to adjust in the rise for a baby as they grow.  The closure on this diaper is available in either snaps or velcro.
Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  The minky diapers are certainly cute.  No doubt about that.  The selection of patterns is limited, but there's something for everyone which is great.  At times it is frustrating that a certain pattern is only available in Velcro or Snaps but not both.  This is the exception though.  And really...I like both types of closures so it was a non-issue for me personally.  Since the prints are really cute I wish the snap rise and closures would match in color.  Also this diaper is really soft.  I mean ridiculously soft to the touch on the outside.  Love that!
Functionality -  This diaper works just as well as any more expensive diaper out there on the market.  The minky is soft, washes well, and is breathable for sure.  It NEVER leaked.  (That was something I was worried about since it didn't have PUL in it at all.)  

I have one major qualm with this diaper, and I seem to be the only person who has noticed this issue or experienced it.  I bought two minky diapers, different prints, but the same style of diaper.  But the rises on each diaper were different.  One was significantly higher than the other. I always had to use one diaper fully unsnapped in the rise, and the other snapped down one setting.  I thought that was odd.  

I also found the waist on the Minky diaper to run smaller than some other popular diapers, so if you have a child with a larger waist I might try a different style of Kawaii.
Durability -  This diaper held up well to many washings.  The minky never looked worn or matted.  It didn't pill on the outside or look "odd" in any way!  I was very impressed by that.  I cannot comment on the Velcro closure as I did not use them.

Availability -  As with most "cheap" diapers this one has limited availability.  I liked that I could buy them in singles at Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique.  The main Kawaii site (http://www.theluvyourbaby.com) sells them mostly in bulk from what I know, and their website can be slow to load.  So, you'll have to do some poking around to find these, but if you're wanting to save some money then it would be worth your time.

Diaper Changing Station Video

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming (Cheap Diapering) to post a video of how my (Amanda's) diaper changing station is set up.  Many new mom's ask me how I organize my diapering area so I'm happy to share.  There are MANY different ways of setting up your area.  But, this is just how I do it.

Hopefully I'll get back to the cheap diapering posts again this weekend for you.  I'm hoping to review the Kawaii's and Tweedle Bugs.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: Nubunz Diapers - CHEAP DIAPERING SOLUTION!

While I have been blogging about CDing cheaply I thought it would be nice to review some of the "cheaper" diapers out there for you to consider.  :)

Nubunz Diaper - $9.50 (Currently on sale for $8.00) w/2 inserts, or you can get seconds diapers with inserts for $5.50, seconds without inserts are $3.00.

Materials:  The outer material is PUL with a liner of polyester microfleece.  The closure is available in snaps or velcro (some velcro are rounded tabs and some square).  The inserts are 3 layers each of polyester micro terry cloth.
Fit:  8 - 38 lbs. (as claimed by Nubunz Diapers)
How it works:  Nubunz Diapers are a One Size (OS) pocket diapering system.  The absorbent inserts are placed in the pocket and can be adjusted for your absorption needs.  Snaps on the front of the diaper allow the diaper to adjust in the rise for a baby as they grow.  The closure on this diaper is available in either snaps or velcro.
Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  Currently the full price Nubunz Diapers are available in only 8 pastel colors.  (Think bumGenius colors.)  You an get seconds diapers in brighter/bolder colors though while supplies last.  There are no prints available.  They have put a hold on the brighter colors due to some quality issues with them (much like bumGenius had to do recently).  I believe it is a PUL issue that many companies are dealing with.  The snaps are all white...that doesn't matter to me personally.  The velcro is white, unless you get the square tab ones which are sort of a less bulky version of the original Happy Heiny's closure.  With limited supplies of colors, and possibilities of problems with the bolder colors in the seconds section I can only give the aesthetics of the Nubunz diaper a three pin rating.  I will say that I bought mostly seconds diapers though and didn't have any bleeding issues or problems with the quality of the PUL on any of them.

Functionality -  These diapers function like a bumGenius 3.0 for the most part.  They have that top layer of PUL which will stop compression leakage.  LOVE that feature.  And I'm glad it can be found on a "cheap" diaper to boot.  I found the rise to be comparable to the rise of a bumGenius 3.0.  Keep in mind that bumGenius has recently updated to the 4.0 which includes a higher rise.  If your child runs on the average to small side of the scale the rise of the Nubunz should be plenty for you.

My "big" complaint about the Nubunz diaper was the lack of stretch.  The other thing I love about bumGenius is that the area around the velcro tabs is stretchy giving you a tighter fit.  This diaper just didn't have as much "give" to it.  However, when you're only paying $9.50 for a full price on a diaper one can't complain too much.  :)  As far as the rounded velcro tabs v. the square.  I didn't experience any issues with either.  However, I could see how the corner of the PUL could get caught on carpeting while baby is crawling around, or rub on furniture when baby is climbing, and become undone.
Durability -  The Nubunz diaper held up to washing as well as any other diaper I have does.  I honestly can't complain at all.  The velcro was really sticky.  I did get a little nervous when undoing snaps as the snaps would really grip and I didn't want to tear the PUL. I never did, but alas I was nervous.  Although I guess it's nice to know that the snap closures are really closed well.  The PUL held up to washing, and as usual my outers were hung dry the majority of the time.  Another plus...the Nubunz Diaper is constructed in the good ol' USA.  :)  Keep in mind though that people have had problems with the bold colored diapers, and although that hasn't been my experience it is something to consider when purchasing.

Availability -  This is not normally a section I put in a review, but as far as I am aware the Nubunz diaper is only available from Nubunz.  This can be a damper to those who want to shop around.  The price is good on their website and they are efficient about shipping, but if you're looking to buy your diapers all in one spot then this isn't the diaper for you (unless you want a whole stash of Nubunz...which wouldn't be a bad thing.).  Also...they seem to be going through a phase of changing what is available and what not so you will be limited as to what you can find and in what colors.  This can be annoying if you're picky about your diaper colors.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cost Effective CDing

So...many moms out there are into CDs for the money savings.  Here's the thing no one realizes...they're ridiculously addictive.  :)  Many moms end up not saving a penny because they keep buying and buying cute diapers that they "must have."

As with any "hobby" it's best to go in with a plan.  You can decide to go the cost effective route from the get go:

1)  Use a trial/sampler package.  This will help you to determine what kind of diaper you like best.  Here are a few links to some online stores with trial programs:

2)  Buy cheap diapers...for newborns (and up if you're braver than I) go the prefold/flats and covers route.  This is the most economical form of diapering for sure.

Fitteds are nice but depending on the brand won't always save you money.  For a good deal on fitted diapers try the package of 12 by Little Lions for $99.

If you are more of a pocket OS person then try:  Kawaii's, Sunbabys', Nubunz, or Tweedle Bugs

3)  Buy used.  You can buy many of the brands you love on swap boards (there's one on BabyCenter), eBay, and even Craigs List, Diaper Swappers, Spots Corner on Hyena Cart.  But, beware...you may not get what you paid for.  Make sure there are a lot of pictures of what you're purchasing and ask questions!  Also be willing to negotiate.

4) If you're like me and you like to try a bunch of different brands without losing too much money then you need to be willing to sell diapers you have.  I never buy a new diaper for my son without selling something out of his stash first.  It's true!  It's my rule.  And although I don't always make back all of the money on a diaper, it's more cost effective than just buying diaper after diaper after diaper.

5)  Start a PIF box with friends (PIF = Pay it Forward).  Throw a diaper in a box, send it to the next person on the list.  They get that diaper and throw in their own, and send it on.  Continue through the list until the box ends up back to you.  :)

CDing can be cost effective, but it can get out of hand quickly if you're not careful.  Set some parameters for yourself...discuss them with your spouse or significant other...and then follow through on your plan.  :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review: Thirsties Duo Diaper

Materials:  The outer material is PUL with a liner of microfleece. The Duo Diaper comes with 2 inserts.  The top insert is microfiber terry and there is a hemp (2 layers if I recall correctly) insert that snaps on to the microfiber.  This diaper comes in aplix and snap closure with a snap down rise adjustment.
Fit:  The Duo Diaper comes in two sizes:  Size 1 fits most babies 6-18 lbs. (0-9 months), Size 2 fits most babies 18-40 lbs. (9-36 months).
How it works:  The Thirsties Duo Diaper is a two size system (Size 1 for younger babies, and size 2 for older babies to potty training) with "one size" adjustments on each size to help your baby grow with the diaper.  The inserts are placed in the pockets.  However, the Thirsties Duo Diaper has a pocket opening at the back and the front so that the inserts can agitate out on their own in the wash.  The front and back pocket openings have elastic on them.  The leg openings have double gussets to help catch any runny poos.
Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  The Thirsties Duo Diaper comes in 8 bright colors (although one is pure white) and 4 prints.  I liked that the colors were bold and beautiful and that there is the option of prints, even if they are very limited.  I also like that the binding on this diaper on white (a Thirsties signature) which ties in the Aplix and snaps which are also all white.

Functionality -  There are a couple of areas to address here. The biggest one for me is the fit.  Thirsties has tackled the "One Size" issue by creating a system that involves two sizes.  The Size 1 diaper is meant for "newborns" to 18 lbs.  I did not use a size 1, but I have heard many people say that the diaper didn't quite make it to 18 lbs. on their child.  I find that this depends on the build of your child.  So, take that with a grain of salt.  I used a Size 2 on my son starting at around 19 - 20 lbs.  I found the diaper to be VERY bulky around his waist.  This diaper is supposed to make it to 40 lbs. so I guess that's understandable, and my son is tall and skinny, but I felt as though he was drowning in this diaper whenever I put it on him.  I also find that most parents (or maybe this is just me) who are interested in a "One Size" system don't want to have to purchase 2 different sizes.  That's the whole point of a OS system, isn't it?

I do love that the Duo Diaper has double leg gussets.  If you have a baby who will fit in the size ones and has yet to start solid foods this may be a great diaper for you.  No need to worry about those runny poos leaking out of the legs here.  I also enjoyed that the inserts were microfiber terry and hemp!  Not many diaper companies offer that feature as a standard.  The inserts snap together at the front and the back of the insert making sure there isn't any slipping or sliding which was lovely.  Also having a pocket opening at the front and back of the diaper so the inserts could agitate out is handy (think Smartipants).  I did find that the inserts took longer to dry when snapped together though, so I always took mine out by hand and unsnapped them.  

A tip - When putting in your inserts make sure to place the PUL flap at the front of the diaper over the top of the insert.  This will prevent leaks out of the top of the diaper.  Especially compression leakage if you intend to use this diaper as an overnight solution for a tummy sleeper.

I am giving the Duo Diaper a 4 because although the features themselves are great and worth the money, I just don't love a system that requires me to buy 2 different sizes of diapers.  I am a true "OS" girl at heart.  :)

Durability -  The Duo Diaper held up fabulously to many washings.  The hemp insert was fully absorbent at about 8-10 washes I'd say.  My diaper was aplix as Thirsties had yet to come out with a snap version, and I found the Aplix to be very soft yet wonderfully sticky as well.  Usually that area seems to be a trade off.  I did wish that the tabs were a little bit longer but, they worked well.  

****  I did purchase Thirsties Duo Wraps for my daughter to use as a newborn so I will let you all know how I feel about those (same idea - 2 size system, only covers) when I get to use them.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review: Bummis Easy Fit

Materials:  The outer material is PUL, The attached absorbent layer is 1 layer rayon from bamboo fibers and microfiber on the outside and 1 layer of microfiber on the underside.  Surrounding the built in soaker of the diaper is soft brushed polyester to prevent wicking or leaking.  Aplix closure and snap one size settings.
Fit:  8 - 30 lbs.  (However, there is a Tini Fit diaper for babies 5-12 lbs. that is $18.95.)
How it works:  Bummis Easy Fit is a unique AIO Tongue Pocket diaper.  HUH?!  ;)  I believe I can best explain this with a picture:  

  As you can see the front portion of the soaker is sewn into the diaper itself with the rayon fibers from bamboo on top and the microfiber underneath.  The back portion of the soaker agitates out in the wash and stick out the back of the diaper and is to be stuffed back in before it's next use.  This is to help with faster drying time.  Having the pocket area in the back also allows you to stuff the diaper with more inserts or doubler for added absorption, although this diaper does not come with any extra inserts or doublers.  The soaker/insert/tongue (whatever you want to call it) can be folded varying ways to create more or less absorption where needed.  The diaper closes with aplix at the waist, and has snap up/down one size rise setting.
Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  The Bummis EasyFit diaper comes in the colors you see at the top of the page plus white.  The colors are bold and beautiful, and I have not run into any bleeding problems with the ones I have.  With that said, there are not any particularly "girly" colors.  I would say their color line leads towards neutral to boyish.  I have the Blueberry and Orange which are gorgeous and I will be using them on my daughter but they don't scream girl.  There are also not any prints.  I found this surprising since EasyFit by Tots Bots is actually a brand brought over from Europe in which they have prints with polka dots and stars.  So, overall, cute vibrant colors but I hope for more choices in the future.  A nit picky thing for me is that I hate the Tots Bots tag in the front center of the diaper.  I don't know why...it just bugs me.  lol
Also with a thin tongue liner this diaper is very trim in the diaper bag.

Functionality -  I guess lets start with the outside and work our way in.  This diaper does have a low rise, so I agree with the up to 30 lbs. on the fit.  My son is on the second rise setting at 24 lbs., but often times the snaps will pop open when I'm putting the diaper on him.  However, on the largest setting they are too wide in the thighs on my son.  Once I get the EasyFit on him it's fine, but it does become annoying having the snaps pop open at times.  The aplix closure is very very very durable.  This is some of the strongest velcro I've encountered.  It does not come unstuck from the laundry tabs in the wash.  However, I do find the folding over of the tabs for the laundry to be a pain as you literally have to fold the velcro in half on one side.  It just makes it a little more awkward.  But, it holds up well.

On the inside of the diaper it is important to keep in mind that the rayon fibers from bamboo (man that's a mouthful) is up against baby's skin.  Which is fine, but the EasyFit will NOT leave your baby with a stay dry feeling.  If that dry feeling is important to you or your baby this is NOT the diaper for you.  If your baby doesn't mind the wetness, you like to use fleece liners, or you are potty training with a smaller child then this diaper will be fine for you.  I find this diaper to be very absorbent even on my heavy wetter, and I was very skeptical.  I disgree with Bummis that you can get up to 6 layers of absorbency by folding the tongue more.  You can only fold the tongue so far before you're practically turning the diaper inside out.  But, the 4 layers I'm getting now seem to be working for us during the daytime.  (I have yet to try this diaper at night.)  They do claim that the polyester lining around the soaker will stop compression leakage.  I am skeptical about that as polyester isn't waterproof, but maybe I'll be brave one night and give it a try.

I do like that the tongue insert agitates out on it's own, because once your baby poops in this diaper with a soft mushy poo you will understand.  The back flap that covers the pocket opening is very...generous, we shall say.  That's another way of saying it's freakin' HUGE!  That's great for stuffing the diaper, especially if you have large hands, but I find that it actually catches poop under the flap if your child is having one of those soft poo days.  Talk about nasty.  And it makes it a lot harder to spray off of the diaper when you are trying to lift up a poopy pocket flap to spray the inside of the diaper some.  Yuck!  If you're only dealing with nice shake off poops then this won't matter to you, but when teething we still encounter the soft mushy poops and this has been something I don't enjoy contending with.

But, the EasyFit is easy to stuff and it's great that it agitates out for you.  The drying time on this diaper is LONG.  I hang dry until damp with this one and then toss it on the dryer on medium for 10-15 minutes, because I would be waiting two days to use it again if I let it line dry the whole way.  

Durability -  The EasyFit diaper has held up well to many washings.  And it does become it's most absorbent around 10 washes or so.  Be prepared to change more frequently if you are using it before those 6-10 washes.  

My only qualm with the durability of this diaper is that the inner soaker/tongue is a magnet for other aplix diapers.  Every single diaper I have has found it's way to the EasyFits.  And it makes me nervous to pull the aplix off of the rayon fibers from bamboo.  So far my EasyFits still look great, but this is something that makes me nervous for a year down the road.

I really have mixed feelings about this diaper.  The colors are cute and bold, the idea is fantastic, the absorption is wonderful, and it's easy to use and stuff.  But, I wish there were more colors or patterns, that the soft poops didn't get caught under the pocket flap at times, and that it wasn't a magnet for other aplix diapers.  I'm not sure the EasyFit diapers are worth their price point, but it's fun to have a couple of them floating around in my stash and I will be holding on to them for those times when I'm fairly certain I won't be dealing with a poopy diaper.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's in your stash???

I get asked this question a lot these days.  Moms always want to know what diapers you love.  It's amazing how two people can go on and on about a diaper stash, but I love those kinds of talks.  So, here is my stash and hopefully Natalie will jump on and tell us hers as well.  And I hope y'all will share with us what is in your stash as well!  :)

Amanda's Stash:
(Keep in mind that my stash has been through many different types and brands of diapers and this just happens to be what is in it at the moment (which I'm pretty happy with over all).

1 bumGenius AIO Deluxe (Large)  [I actually have 2 more of these on the way for nighttime diapering.]
2 Bummis EasyFit by TotsBots [These will be going to his little sister at 3-4 months old]
3 bumGenius 3.0 OS [These will be going to his little sister when she is 3-4 months old]
3 Tiny Tush Elite OS
1 Knickernappies OS
1 Dypes by Dixon OS [An adorable WAHM diaper I got him for Christmas '09]
2 Kawaii Baby Minky OS
5 Haute Pockets OS
2 Rocky Mountain OS
1 Doodle Dypes AI2 [WAHM diaper]
1 Pampered Cheeks OS [WAHM diaper]
3 SoftBums [3 shells, 9 soakers, 3 doublers]

12 OsoCozy Infant [I got these used off of a swap board]
12 Little Lions Infant [I got mine as seconds diapers]
12 Little Lions Cozy Cub Trim
6 Aplix Thirsties Duo Wraps [Size 1]
And on the way for her OS stash:
6 bumGenius 3.0s
6 Rocky Mountain OS
2 Haute Pockets OS
2 Mommy's Touch OS
1 Knickernappies OS

Review: Bagshot Row Bamboo Ultimate Fit (BSRB)

Bagshot Row Bamboo UF Diapers (BSRB) - $20.00 ($4.00 to add snaps at the waist)
Materials:  The outer material is usually a cotton knit print of some kind and insides/soakers of organic cotton and bamboo.
Fit: 8 - 35 lbs. (If I recall correctly.)
How it works:  Bagshot Row Bamboo UF (Ultimate Fit) diapers are a fitted diaper that has a snap in organic cotton/bamboo soaker.  When folded in half this soaker provides 12 layers of absorbency.  These diapers are not waterproof and will require a cover when used under clothing as they will become wet to the touch.  To close the diaper you will either need to use a Snappi or diaper pins.  A snap closure can also be added at the waist for an additional $4.00.  The rise is adjusted by folding down the front center of the diaper as needed prior to fastening.

Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  Bagshot Row Bamboo diapers are definitely fun.  They come in many varieties of cute print fabrics in both boyish and girly prints.  There's definitely something for everyone here.  I did find after owning three of these, that being WAHM (Work At Home Mom) diapers meant that, the size of each diaper and the width of the crotch was variable from diaper to diaper.  This was an issue for me, but is also to be slightly expected when buying a WAHM diaper.  

I also thought it was a bummer that for this diaper to be waterproof the cute diaper fabric needs to be covered by a...cover.  lol  That is a shame when they're so darling, but at times a necessary evil.

Functionality -  Bagshot Row Bamboo (BSRB) diapers do take a bit of practice, patience (at times), and a cooperative baby.  This diaper works like most other diapers in it's shape. The rear of the diaper has wings and this part goes under the baby.  You would pull the center front of the diaper up to the baby's waist and then if the diaper is too large you would fold down the top front of the diaper away from the baby adjusting the rise.  Holding the center front in place you would then grab the wings of the diapers pulling them across (and overlapping if necessary) tightly then securing the wings in place with either a Snappi or diaper pins.  To make this process a little easier you can have snaps added at the waist.  

BSRBs are an absorbent diaper.  With a potential 12 layers of organic cotton/bamboo in the soaker (depending on how you fold it), how could it not be?  Unfortunately, my son was a forceful peer, thus not allowing the diaper to absorb properly and to get wet on the outside very quickly.  This wasn't a problem around the house so much but made for annoyingly frequent changes when out and about.  These were definitely a stay at home diaper for us.  Because the BSRBs do not have a waterproof lining anywhere in them the outer diaper will get wet and will need a cover if you plan on putting clothes of any kind on top of it.  This also became frustrating for me as I enjoy more of a one step process when diapering my son.

The fit also gave me some issues.  While the rise was always high enough when we used them (6 mo. - 10 mo.) I don't see it making it to 35 lbs. on a baby.  Also because BSRBs are handmade I did find that some of the crotches were too narrow and that the soaker barely fit in them.  If any shifting occured this could lead to a potential leakage situation.  However, the mommy behind Bagshot Row Bamboo is wonderful to work with and incredibly helpful if a situation like this should arise.  

For me I couldn't make it past the 10 month mark with these diapers.  My son became so squirmy that it was taking more time and energy to Snappi this diaper on than it was worth to me.  And to have it get soaking wet in an hour (remember...I have a super soaker though) or less just made me frustrated.

Durability -  As with any diaper, but especially handmade specialty diapers, it is essential to follow the directions for care given by the WAHM.  BSRBs are to be hung to dry.  The soakers may be placed in the dryer with other inserts/soakers.  When the cute diaper shell is almost dry (damp) you can throw it in the washer for a quick 10 min. on medium heat to complete the drying and fluff it up.  

If you skip this last step of a few minutes in the dryer your diaper will have a stiff crunchy feeling to it, and not something I would want to wear if you catch my drift.  Drying the entire diaper in the dryer each time will leave your cute diaper very faded looking and can often wreak havoc on the stitching.  So, these diapers are a bit "drama queen"ish if you catch my drift.

But, they are cute to look at.  

Friday, May 7, 2010

Videos - Coming Soon

I have some friends who are new to cloth diapering or are thinking about getting started and I made a 30 minute video for them.  That's too long to post here, but it got me thinking...Fluffy Bums for Dum Dums should do a video series on types of cloth diapers, how to use them, how we set up our changing stations, how we do laundry, etc.  So, amongst the diaper reviews (of which there are still quite a few that need to be done) some videos will begin appearing.  I hope you will find them helpful!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pampers Under Federal Investigation

After many complaints from parents regarding the new Pampers Dry Max diapers causing rashes, burns, and bleeding on little ones the CPSC is finally stepping in to investigate:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trials of a Dum Dum: Overnight Success!!!

Wow...it's been a while since I've talked about nighttime diapering, huh?  I never really could get it out of my head.  We did continue using disposable diapers for quite a while while I mulled over what to do.  None of the special "nighttime" diapers worked for us that we had tried, and I was tired of spending money on things that were failures.  I don't mind spending money on things that work but I'm not a big fan of in the long run, but not on things that fail from the get go.

Fast forward a bit and I decided that hemp was the way to go.  I ordered two BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey-Bunz in large.  They have 6 layers of hemp in them.  Now hemp is a great fabric.  It absorbs a lot, but it is slow to absorb which means it's best if you pair it with something else on top for quick absorption.  Enter the recipe:

Overnight Diapering a Tummy Sleeping Super Soaker (Toddler)

1 bumGenius 3.0 OS ($17.95)
1 Prefold trimmed (or purchased this size) to fit in a pocket diaper (about $2.00 a piece)
1 BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey-Bunz (Large) - FULLY PREPPED! ($4.99)

Take the prefold and trifold it.  Place this on top of a BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey-Bunz insert (we used Large because our son is on the highest rise).  Take prefold/hemp combo and place this in a bumGenius 3.0 OS pocket diaper.  Make sure that the prefold is flat and touches the sides of the diaper.  I do this by sticking my hand down the center of the trifold and fanning my fingers apart.  The bumGenius diaper is key because it has the compression leakage barrier of PUL at the top front of the diaper.  That is VERY important.  

Place diaper on baby.  Put on pajamas and continue with nighttime routine.

We have not had a leak since starting this.  It is important to note that the hemp insert must be fully prepped before this will work for a true super soaker.  We're talking at least 10-12 washes folks.  But, it's so worth it.  No more overnight sposies for us!  :)

My future concern is that the bumGenius runs small compared to other OS diapers, so how long will this work for us?  Tonight I'm going to try a microfiber insert on top of the Babykicks Hemparoo Joey-Bunz to see how that works for us.  That may make the diaper less bulky and therefore allow it to last us longer in the rise.  You could try this with Nubunz (a bumGenius copy) but there were a few things about that diaper that I wasn't a big fan of, but that's for a future review.

Why the Babykicks Hemparoo Joey-Bunz?  Well, I liked that it was all one piece.  I found one other hemp insert that was 7 layers I believe, but it was two pieces meaning one area of the diaper would be even bulkier.  This was 6 layers and all one piece, and very very thin.  That was the best deal I could find without making one myself, and even then with ordering materials that would have been more expensive to do.  So the Babykicks Hemparoo Joey-Bunz is a winner in my book.  And if you use two that would be 12 layers of hemp!

So, happy overnight diapering everyone!  :)  Do you have a different solution that works for you?  Leave us a comment and let us know.  We want everyone to have lots of ideas and methods to try from.  :)


Monday, April 26, 2010

Review: SoftBums AI2

SoftBums - Pricing is a little complicated due to varying insert types.  But, a single shell plus one microfiber soaker is $25.95.  A single shell with a bamboo soaker is $30.95.  Basic Packs which are 1 shell, 3 interchangeable soakers, and 1 doubler are:  $36.95 microfiber, $52.95 bamboo.
Materials:  Outer layer PUL, with an inner liner of microfleece, double long snap in soakers made of microfiber with stay dry microfleece on top, or oganic bamboo with either a velour top or stay dry microfleece.  Velcro or snap closure.  OS adjustment through an elastic and toggle system in the legs of the diaper (more on that later).
Fit:  5 - 40 lbs.
How it works:  SoftBums are an AI2 (All In Two) diapering system.  The diaper consists of an outer shell with a PUL outside and microfleece inside for comfort.  The diaper absorbs by the means of a snap in soaker.  This soaker can be taken out when wet or dirty and replaced with a new soaker, allowing the same shell to be used multiple times.  If any poops get on the shell though the shell must be put in the diaper pail to be washed.  Don't attempt to use it again in that situation.  If the shell is slightly damp from pee just lay it out to dry and use another shell or diaper in between uses.

Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  SoftBums come in nice bold or soft colors, as well as prints.  They also come in either Aplix closure or snap closure.  The snaps come in cute coordinating colors to the outside of the diaper.  This is a very trim diaper making it great for the diaper bag.  My only qualm would be that the top tends to roll a little bit and expose the microfleece on the wings with the snap version, but that hasn't caused us any problems.

On another side note I am often asked if the knotted elastic and toggles inside of the diaper are annoying for my son as they may seem bulky to others.  But, with the comfy soaker in between my son and the shell he doesn't even notice that they're there.  And the diapers is also left with a very trim look.  I never notice bumps in the front from the knotted elastic or the toggles.

Functionality -  I am in love with this diaper.  But, that doesn't mean it's perfect.  It just works well for me.  Lets talk about the most obvious feature...the snap in soakers.  We'll break this down by section.

SOAKERS:  I like that you have a variety to choose from when purchasing per your baby's needs, and you also have the option to buy a SoftBums package that contains 3 soakers per shell.  That makes this system very convenient to try out.  The soakers come in:  Dry Touch (microfleece top with 2 layers of microfiber-terry for absorption), SUPER Dry Touch (microfleece top with 3 layers of microfiber-terry for absorption), Organic Bamboo Velour (this one will not leave baby with a dry feeling...3 layers of bamboo fleece topped with velour), Dry Touch Organic Bamboo (just replace the velour layer with microfleece for the dry touch feeling).  The doublers are:  Dry Touch - 3 layers of microfiber-terry; Bamboo - 3 layers of Bamboo.  Okay?  Confused?  lol  

The soakers are nice because they are double long so you actually fold them under in the front which will double your absorbency with every use.  So the two layers of microfiber-terry become 4, 3 layers becomes 6, and so on.  Add the doublers and you could end up with 9 layers of absorbency!!!  And all of the soakers are nice and trim even when folded.  I love the variety you have to choose from.  I have the Dry Touch Bamboo and the Bamboo Velour b/c my son is a heavy peer.  I have noticed that the Dry Touch doesn't stay completely dry, but after consulting with some people we came to the conclusion that he must pee very hard and fast not giving the dry layer an opportunity to really work well.  If he peed slower then this wouldn't be happening.  But, it's only a little damp and doesn't bother him.  And the bamboo velour doesn't stay dry at all and that doesn't bother him either.

SHELLS:  The shells are functional but take a bit of practice learning how to use effectively.  I find that the crotch of the shell is very narrow, which is nice but also means you have to check to make sure the soaker is covered by the shell around each leg.  I do a leg check every time I put these diapers on him because if even a little bit of the soaker is sticking out you will have a leak.  That's a bit of an annoyance, but with all of the other great features of this diaper not something that would keep me from using it.  The SoftBums shell is VERY stretchy.  You will need to size this diaper a smidge smaller than your other diapers.  When you pull it up over baby you will see that it has TONS of stretch.  This is a good thing in my opinion because it means the SoftBums will truly last you to potty training.  My biggest qualm about this diaper (which is also something I love about it) is the microfleece inner lining.  This lining is soooo soft, but if your baby poops this diaper will hold onto that smell until washed again.  I find that a sprinkle of Baby Powder helps with that issue.  It's not that the shell is dirty, but that the smell lingers.  

OS ADJUSTMENT:  I will say it right now and I will stand by it.  This is the BEST OS adjustment system ever!!!  Seriously.  Ever.  Softbums uses a very unique internal leg/diaper adjustment system.  At the front of the diaper there is an opening between the PUL and the microfleece.  You will find the two leg elastics knotted together.  If you pull on these and push the diaper shell back you will find two toggles.  One on each side of the diaper.  Now, this will take some practice.  I used another diaper of my son's and laid the SoftBums on top of it to help me find the right sizing.  Press and slide the toggles up or down the elastic making the diaper either smaller or larger as needed.  This diaper gets the smallest I've ever seen and the largest I have ever seen, and has infinite sizes in between.  This is truly a OS diaper.  The toggles will stay in place when washed so there is no need to mess with them again until your baby grows enough to need an adjustment.  

Now a little tip.  When sizing your diaper make it about a 1/2 an inch shorter than your other diapers.  This elastic is super stretchy and you will find it a little too loose in the legs if you don't adjust it smaller.  

TIPS - PUTTING ON THE DIAPER:  The SoftBums system is great but can take a little patience while getting used to it.  I find that it's nice to have the shells already ready to go with one soaker snapped in place.  Lay baby on the diaper and pull up the soaker only first.  Fold it down to double up and make sure that the important areas for absorption are properly covered.  Hold the soaker in place and using your free hand pull up on the SoftBums shell.  Make sure that the soaker stays nice and flat against the shell.  It is easy to get bunching if you're not paying attention.  Pull up tightly and secure in place.  Lastly check the legs to make sure they are fitting snuggly and tuck in any soaker that may be peaking out the sides.  I know it sounds complicated, but with a few tries this takes me no time at all now.  Even on a wiggly 13 month old.

Durability -  This diaper holds up very well to repeated use and washings.  The bamboo inserts will take 6-10 washes to be fully prepped so don't give up on them before then.  I started using mine at three and they did absorb well enough though.  The aplix is nice and strong, and the laundry tabs work beautifully.  Never a diaper chain problem with diaper in the wash.  The snaps are nicely placed and do give you the ability to cross the wings.  The elastic is of a good thickness and very secure.

This is a wonderful diaper and I HIGHLY recommend it.  Not only that but it is made in the USA!  So great.  SoftBums do take a bit of practice, but if you stick with them I think you'll love them as much as I do.  I can't wait to use this system on vacation.  It is going to make being out so much easier.