Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's in your stash???

I get asked this question a lot these days.  Moms always want to know what diapers you love.  It's amazing how two people can go on and on about a diaper stash, but I love those kinds of talks.  So, here is my stash and hopefully Natalie will jump on and tell us hers as well.  And I hope y'all will share with us what is in your stash as well!  :)

Amanda's Stash:
(Keep in mind that my stash has been through many different types and brands of diapers and this just happens to be what is in it at the moment (which I'm pretty happy with over all).

1 bumGenius AIO Deluxe (Large)  [I actually have 2 more of these on the way for nighttime diapering.]
2 Bummis EasyFit by TotsBots [These will be going to his little sister at 3-4 months old]
3 bumGenius 3.0 OS [These will be going to his little sister when she is 3-4 months old]
3 Tiny Tush Elite OS
1 Knickernappies OS
1 Dypes by Dixon OS [An adorable WAHM diaper I got him for Christmas '09]
2 Kawaii Baby Minky OS
5 Haute Pockets OS
2 Rocky Mountain OS
1 Doodle Dypes AI2 [WAHM diaper]
1 Pampered Cheeks OS [WAHM diaper]
3 SoftBums [3 shells, 9 soakers, 3 doublers]

12 OsoCozy Infant [I got these used off of a swap board]
12 Little Lions Infant [I got mine as seconds diapers]
12 Little Lions Cozy Cub Trim
6 Aplix Thirsties Duo Wraps [Size 1]
And on the way for her OS stash:
6 bumGenius 3.0s
6 Rocky Mountain OS
2 Haute Pockets OS
2 Mommy's Touch OS
1 Knickernappies OS

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