Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review: Bagshot Row Bamboo Ultimate Fit (BSRB)

Bagshot Row Bamboo UF Diapers (BSRB) - $20.00 ($4.00 to add snaps at the waist)
Materials:  The outer material is usually a cotton knit print of some kind and insides/soakers of organic cotton and bamboo.
Fit: 8 - 35 lbs. (If I recall correctly.)
How it works:  Bagshot Row Bamboo UF (Ultimate Fit) diapers are a fitted diaper that has a snap in organic cotton/bamboo soaker.  When folded in half this soaker provides 12 layers of absorbency.  These diapers are not waterproof and will require a cover when used under clothing as they will become wet to the touch.  To close the diaper you will either need to use a Snappi or diaper pins.  A snap closure can also be added at the waist for an additional $4.00.  The rise is adjusted by folding down the front center of the diaper as needed prior to fastening.

Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  Bagshot Row Bamboo diapers are definitely fun.  They come in many varieties of cute print fabrics in both boyish and girly prints.  There's definitely something for everyone here.  I did find after owning three of these, that being WAHM (Work At Home Mom) diapers meant that, the size of each diaper and the width of the crotch was variable from diaper to diaper.  This was an issue for me, but is also to be slightly expected when buying a WAHM diaper.  

I also thought it was a bummer that for this diaper to be waterproof the cute diaper fabric needs to be covered by a...cover.  lol  That is a shame when they're so darling, but at times a necessary evil.

Functionality -  Bagshot Row Bamboo (BSRB) diapers do take a bit of practice, patience (at times), and a cooperative baby.  This diaper works like most other diapers in it's shape. The rear of the diaper has wings and this part goes under the baby.  You would pull the center front of the diaper up to the baby's waist and then if the diaper is too large you would fold down the top front of the diaper away from the baby adjusting the rise.  Holding the center front in place you would then grab the wings of the diapers pulling them across (and overlapping if necessary) tightly then securing the wings in place with either a Snappi or diaper pins.  To make this process a little easier you can have snaps added at the waist.  

BSRBs are an absorbent diaper.  With a potential 12 layers of organic cotton/bamboo in the soaker (depending on how you fold it), how could it not be?  Unfortunately, my son was a forceful peer, thus not allowing the diaper to absorb properly and to get wet on the outside very quickly.  This wasn't a problem around the house so much but made for annoyingly frequent changes when out and about.  These were definitely a stay at home diaper for us.  Because the BSRBs do not have a waterproof lining anywhere in them the outer diaper will get wet and will need a cover if you plan on putting clothes of any kind on top of it.  This also became frustrating for me as I enjoy more of a one step process when diapering my son.

The fit also gave me some issues.  While the rise was always high enough when we used them (6 mo. - 10 mo.) I don't see it making it to 35 lbs. on a baby.  Also because BSRBs are handmade I did find that some of the crotches were too narrow and that the soaker barely fit in them.  If any shifting occured this could lead to a potential leakage situation.  However, the mommy behind Bagshot Row Bamboo is wonderful to work with and incredibly helpful if a situation like this should arise.  

For me I couldn't make it past the 10 month mark with these diapers.  My son became so squirmy that it was taking more time and energy to Snappi this diaper on than it was worth to me.  And to have it get soaking wet in an hour (remember...I have a super soaker though) or less just made me frustrated.

Durability -  As with any diaper, but especially handmade specialty diapers, it is essential to follow the directions for care given by the WAHM.  BSRBs are to be hung to dry.  The soakers may be placed in the dryer with other inserts/soakers.  When the cute diaper shell is almost dry (damp) you can throw it in the washer for a quick 10 min. on medium heat to complete the drying and fluff it up.  

If you skip this last step of a few minutes in the dryer your diaper will have a stiff crunchy feeling to it, and not something I would want to wear if you catch my drift.  Drying the entire diaper in the dryer each time will leave your cute diaper very faded looking and can often wreak havoc on the stitching.  So, these diapers are a bit "drama queen"ish if you catch my drift.

But, they are cute to look at.  

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