Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Washing Routines


I know Amanda has been waiting for me to post my wash routine, but the truth is.... I am stumped right now, but I am working on it.

Detergent- Mrs. Meyers Baby Blossom . I get mine at Babies R Us , Whole Foods or sometimes TJ Maxx .
I have also tried All Free and Clear, but heard there is long term damage.. so no more!
Rockin Green Detergent 
Top Loader washer, not sure the brand. The man is a cheapo and I am sure he found this machine on the side of the road, but it works.

Normally I soak the diapers over night with a tad bit of detergent, I add the night time diaper then the diaper before her morning nap. I do this because she usually makes a nasty in the morning. 

  1.  I run the wash with just water.
  2. Next with the detergent and extra rinse cycle.   ***note I do not have hot water hook up and I live in Florida so my water comes out of the tap at about 80+ degrees.
  3.  I dry like normal.

Sometimes I lay the dipes and liners in the driveway to be bleached by the sun.
I have recently been trying Rockin Green Detergent (the new super detergent). I tried 6 different wash cycles with the same load today, and I still am not 100% about this stuff. Kim, the creator is so nice and helpful and I want to LOVE her product but I just can't. I will continue to try, it could very well be my cheap washer. I promise a diaper pin filled review soon.

Detergent - Planet 2X  I get mine at the grocery store
Top loader washing machine.  (Directions would be different if you use an HE/front loading washing machine.)

  1. Cold water rinse with 1/2 a capful of Calgon because I have hard water.
  2. Hot water wash with 1/2 the amount of detergent I would use for regular clothes.
  3. Warm water rinse to get rid of any lingering detergent.
  4. The inserts, contours, and cloth wipes go in the dryer on medium heat.  (With thicker inserts this takes 2 times in the dryer.)  Covers and the outer portion of the pocket diapers go on the hanging rack to air dry.
***  Never wash new organic cotton, bamboo, or hemp products with other diapers until they have been washed 4-6 times on their own.  They have natural oils that will get on your other diapers before they've been washed that many times, and it will make your other diapers less absorbent.


  1. I like to add a few sprinkles of baking soda to the initial cold wash to help neutralize odor. :)

  2. 80 degrees water temperature isn't really suitable for a human bath, let alone diaper washing. It's possible that the Rockin' Green is loosening up built-in funk but it can't do everything without some assistance from hot water. I know that the hot cycle in my washer dumps 120* water for a hot wash.

    I don't know, it works great for me and I live in a warm climate (S. Texas) and have never had any issues with the "gym sock" smell in your review on it. I also own a top loader.

  3. Valerie, Thank you, that is a great tip.

    Anonymous, I am pleased Rockin' Green works great for you. I have heard great things about this detergent, however, it did not work for me. Not even when I did turn the hot water on, which the hot water heater is set at 125.