Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Review: bumGenius 3.0 OS

Diaper:  bumGenius 3.0  -  $17.95 for one diaper or you can buy them in packages which brings down the price
Type:  One-Size, Pocket
Materials:  The outside is waterproof PUL, it comes with 2 microfiber inserts - one regular and one newborn/doubler, the inside lining of the diaper is suedecloth.
Fit:  Babies 7 - 35 lbs.
How it works:  These diapers are a one-size dipe which means that the rise of the diaper is able to be adjusted through a system of snaps on the front giving it a small, medium, and large setting.  bumGenius 3.0s also have Aplix fasteners (velcro).  There is a strip of velcro across the front of the diaper to attach the velcro tabs to while the baby is wearing the diaper allowing you to adjust the size of the waist just like a disposable diaper.  Inside of the diaper is suedecloth which will wick moisture away from the baby's bottom leaving it dry, while an insert stuffed into the diaper through a pocket in the back does the absorbing.  bumGenius 3.0s come with 2 inserts.  There is one "regular" insert which can be adjusted with a series of snaps for a small, medium, and large setting.  (Large for the diaper, and for the insert, is to just leave it completely unsnapped.)   The diaper also comes with a "newborn insert" or doubler for nighttime.  Both inserts are microfiber.  For washing the Aplix tabs attach to small "laundry tabs" or squares of velcro on the inside of the diaper allowing you to leave the diaper open for proper cleaning without the velcro sticking to other items, such as inserts, in your laundry.  You do need to remove the inserts from the diaper prior to washing.

Thoughts from Natalie and Amanda:

Aesthetics -  They come in a good variety of cute colors.  The inner suedecloth is soft to the touch and the PUL is of good quality.  The snaps match the PUL in color which is nice, but the giant strip of velcro doesn't have the same sleek appearance as snaps across the waistline would.

Functionality - These were the diapers that my husband and I were the least timid about using upon starting CDing.  Their popularity also gave me confidence in my choice.  Stuffing the diaper takes a little practice.  You need to make sure the insert reaches all of the way to the very front of the diaper and that it is flat and not bunched anywhere.  Any mistakes in this can lead to a leak.  The velcro tabs make for a fast and easy change which can be a relief when dealing with a squirmy baby, but beware.  Tubby baby bellies can rub on the velcro tabs causing irritation when sitting so I recommend wearing these with pants or something to cover precious baby's belly.  These are pretty easy to find a good fit on your child as there aren't so many snaps that it becomes confusing, and I love that they grow with your child throughout their "diapering career."  You do have to pull the inserts out before washing which may bother those who are very easily grossed out.

Durability - There have been complaints that the velcro tabs begin to lose their stick after several months of use.  I recommend hang drying the outer part of your diaper to help the velcro last longer.  Although bumGenius recommends a spin in the dryer on warm heat to resolve this issue.  Also, curious babies or toddlers may learn that the velcro is fun to play with.  For me neither of these things has been an issue so far.  But, I guess time will tell.  I will let y'all know if something changes though.  :)


 Aesthetics -   I give them 3 diaper pins only because though the colors are super cute and easy to match with outfits, I like the prints. I wish Bum genius had fun prints. I am also finding that I like side snap diapers (we will discuss this later), Other than the print and side snap issues, they are cute and I think the minimal snaps makes them look less industrial.

Functionality - That's right 5 Pins on functionality. I have never in the past 8 months had a problem with these diapers working. No leaks, no mishaps, no blow outs.. nothing. They are easy to use, easy to clean and just plain easy. These are the diapers I got because they were on the website I registered on, and just got by default and because it was easy to just register rather than research myself to death in a world of unknown jibber jabber. Boy, I am glad for that. They are the best diaper to use first and to ease yourself into the diaper world. Their easiness makes it a great way to become excited about trying others.

Durability - I almost want to give them 3 1/2 stars because of the velcro curling on the tabs, but I didn't. I think a lot of the reason they are curling is because I am not very gentle with them. I throw them in the wash, and dryer and don't line dry or watch my washer/dryer temperatures. Maybe I should give them a 5? nah... 4 is good. Also, the dryer tabs where you are suppose to velcro the tabs to during wash, they only lived about 2 months before they started to shrink and no longer held the tabs, so now the tabs adhere to anything in the wash and make things nubby. annoying!

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