Sunday, November 1, 2009


Welcome to Fluffy Bums for Dum Dums!  We are so glad you stopped here today to check on the latest information in cloth diapering.  Please check back often as we will be adding reviews of our favorite cloth diapers, facts about the pros of cloth diapering, polls to find out what you like in CDs (cloth diapers), and much much more.  We were once "Dum Dums" too.  :)


  1. Hi! This is LeAnn from Giggle Britches. Great blog and thanks for giving my business some love :)

  2. LeAnn - You are most welcome! Thanks for your speedy delivery! I will be doing a review of your store at a later date, so be on the lookout for more love coming your way! :) -Amanda-

  3. Fun! I linked to you all on my Facebook page :)