Monday, November 2, 2009

Comin' at Ya from my living Room!

I'm Natalie and I am the other half to this cloth diaper blog tag team.
My journey of cloth diapering started out Confusing with a capital "C" but in the end well worth it. I want you to say the same thing one day.
It all began summer 2008. I was expecting my first babe and knew cloth diapering was for me, but where and how do I get started? I questioned a friend and she threw this at me: "BSRB and the FB and the BG and the pocket and the AIO and the thirsties", so I was like "what the freak?" She told me to go to this website where mommies talk, trade and sells cloth diapers. They were her lifesaver she said. 
So I eagerly logged on and created an account and all the women on the website were like:
"BSRB and the FB and the BG and the pocket and the AIO and the thirsties", so I was like "what the freak?"...... I turned off the computer and never went back to this site. Well, I did, but not for a long time.
When it came time to register for my baby showers I saw on the site I was registering on that they sold these cloth diapers that had great reviews on the site. To make it easy on myself after having diaper lingo nightmares for months, I registered for 20 of them. 
I got 10. So great.. now I need more. I went back to my friend and asked her straight up. Give me a diaper I should buy, so I bought those too. 
There is so much more to this story, but I will make it short for you. I had 3 different diaper types now and I was ready. 
The baby came a little over a month early, my diapers didn't fit yet. I started at about one month after Ella was born and I donated my disposables that I had left and I have never turned back. To this day I believe it is one of the best decisions I have made.
So I am hear to help you translate that scary diaper lingo and maybe offer an "everyday" mom view to the wonderful world of cloth diapers.

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