Saturday, November 21, 2009

Review: Haute Pockets

Diaper:  Haute Pockets  -  $17.95 (Nicki's Diapers - $12.95)
Type:  One-Size, Pocket
Materials:  PUL outer layer, snaps or Aplix, microfiber inner fabric, 1 regular microfiber insert and 1 snap-on microfiber doubler
Fit:  8 - 35 lbs.
How it works:  Haute Pockets are a OS diaper which allows you to adjust the rise of the diaper to accommodate a growing child.  They can come in either snaps or Aplix tabs.  I have Aplix.

Thoughts from Amanda:

Aesthetics -  A decent quality diaper.  I would say it's comparable to the bumGenius in appearance.  The Aplix (velcro) tabs on this diaper are a little longer which I find makes it easier to undo the velcro.  The snaps are white which contrasts with non-white diapers, but that doesn't bother me.  It comes in a decent variety of colors.  There are no patterns available though.  The only issue I've had with the appearance of the diaper is the logo tag tends to have thread pulls giving the tag a sloppy appearance.  This does not affect the way the diaper performs though.  I give this a 4 because of the limited color choices and the fraying tag.

Functionality - This diaper works well for me.  It has a nice high rise which I love.  I know this will grow with my son for a long time.  The inserts are wider at the back to help absorb more from newborn or watery bowel movements.  And I LOVE that the doubler snaps on to the regular insert.  That makes stuffing this diaper so easy.  This feature also keeps the doubler from bunching.  The Aplix tabs work nicely when putting the diaper on or taking it off.  They do cause a problem in the washer though (probably the dryer too, but I hang dry my diapers).  Unfortunately the laundry tabs on the inside of the diaper are too small and sewn too close to the tab itself.  The tabs stick to the laundry tabs fine, but in the washer/dryer they come undone and create a diaper chain in your wash, sticking to anything and everything they can.  This hasn't caused a problem for me with the quality of any of the inserts or other diapers it comes in contact with.  It's more of a pain then anything.  I have tried attaching the tabs to themselves by turning them backwards, but they still come undone.

Durability - I have 5 Haute Pockets.  So far the Aplix is holding up really well.  And even though it is attaching to other diapers, inserts, and fleece liners, I haven't had a problem with the tabs becoming bogged down with fuzz.  Also I believe that hang drying them helps the velcro to last longer.  Out of my 5 diapers the elastic came away from the diaper itself in one of them on one leg.  I'm so sad.  It just happened on Friday!  :(  I'm a little disappointed that this happened so quickly, but things happen.  I have contacted both the company and the store I bought them from to see if they can get this resolved for me.  Haute Pockets have a warranty of 6 months and they will replace diapers that have defects based on their discretion.  I will update my review to let you know how well they handle this situation.  So, stay tuned....

Thoughts from Natalie: 

Aesthetics - Looks like many of the Bum Genius style pocket diapers out there. It also has a similar look to wonderoos . From what I understand they don't sell prints and come in all the common colors out there that PUL comes in. The diaper looks just fine, cute and fluffy.. I give it four pins simply because I like prints.  

Functionality - I really like this diaper, it is very soft and fluffy. The aplix is as strong as 50 oxen. After washing the diaper I had a hard time pulling the tabs off the laundry tabs. The diaper is trim and fit very well around Ella's legs. She is almost 9 months old, 21 pounds and has chunky legs. So the diaper really wrapped around her legs perfectly. 

Durability - After a few washes, the diaper looks like I just took it out of the package! The aplix is strong and not curling and the PUL fabric is not looking broken down yet. The insert cleans and dries perfectly. I really like how the inserts snap together so after getting totally soaked at night, it did not bunch or move around. 
I have tried the Haute for naps, play time and night time and NO leaks!

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