Monday, November 9, 2009

Review: Diaper Change Pocket Diapers

Diaper: Diaper Change Diapers  starting at $17.95 per diaper not including the inserts
Type:  Side-snapping Pocket Diaper ranging in sizes from small to large
Materials:  PUL outer layer with a micro-chamois inside (super soft!)
Fit:  Newborn 7lbs. to Toddler 35lbs. The designer will also create a custom sized diaper for you.
How it works: Diaper Change Diapers are side-snapping pocket diapers which require inserts. These are as easy as it gets with any diaper and this is why a lot of people go towards the pocket  cloth diapers when first starting out and stay very loyal to them. Plain and simple...they work.

Thoughts from Natalie:

Aesthetics -  I adore all of the prints that come with the Diaper Change  Diapers. She has so many to choose from and the fabrics are lush and of great quality.  I love the side snaps as they don't make the diaper look industrial.  It is all print on the diaper.  The one thing that I thought about the diaper was that it looks much bulkier than most of the other diapers I have for the babe.  I think it is because there is elastic on the front and the back. I am sure this makes them fit as well as they do though.                                                    

Functionality - Easy to use.  Easy to clean.  The diapers do not come with their own insert.  But, from the advice of the website, I used two tri-folded micro-fiber towels. Yep, towels that I bought in the automotive section at Target. 

Durability - two things I did to test these diapers:
  1. I left the diaper on baby one day for 3 hours. She is a major pee-er.  No leaks and her bum was bone dry, but the inserts were soaked completely.
  2. Night time!  The ultimate test on any diaper. We tried the diaper as our night time dipe and no leaks, no crunching and again her skin was dry as a bone. She wore the diaper from 7PM to 7:30AM.
- If Pockets are your favorite diaper so far, or pockets are what interest you the most, please try these. I am completely impressed.

Thoughts from Natalie:

Aesthetics -  Great great great prints!  The snaps are color coordinated which I love as well.  Cute little (slightly) ruffled legs and elastic on the front and back.  Definitely not a trim diaper though, and a rise comparable to the bumGenius 3.0.                                               

Functionality - Very easy and no problems with wicking for us.  Even in a onesie.  You do have to make sure to stuff them properly seeing that the insert meets the edges of the diapers.  If it is too small through the crotch then that leaves gaps where the insert won't absorb leading to leaks in the legs.  However, the nature of cotton covered PUL is to wick some so if it does happen to you don't be surprised.

The way this diaper snaps is unusual in that the wings go toward the front on the inside of the diaper rather than towards the back.  I have a love hate relationship with that feature.  It makes it super easy to put on even a squirmy baby.  But, on a boy baby sometimes the wings come in contact with urine and this can lead to a slight wick at the top of the diaper if the wings are positioned straight across the front.  The wings are covered in the micro-chamois on the inside so if done correctly the wicking shouldn't occur.  So, watch out for mommy error.  :)

The inside stays mostly dry.  There have been heavy wetting times where ours has felt a little damp on the micro-chamois.  If that irritates your baby's skin I recommend a simple fleece liner inside.  Voila!  Problem solved.  :)

Durability - I know my son couldn't wear these at night.  He is a super soaker...especially being a boy who sleeps on his tummy.  With that said these have made a great daytime diaper for us.  I usually change them at 1 1/2 hours just to be safe.  I hate wicking and I love onesies.  But, we've gone 2 hours without an issue before.  The instructions that come with the diaper do recommend to hang dry regularly so as not to wear the diaper out fast.  These do take a long time to air dry though, so don't count on them if you are in a rush for a diaper unless you want to throw them in the dryer.  Follow the instructions that come with the diapers to get them ready for use or you may have wicking around the snaps.

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  1. Wow! I am surprised to hear these worked well for you. We have tried and tried to love these but have major wicking everytime!