Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hi, I'm Amanda, and I'm a CD addict...

All together now with enthusiasm:  "Hi, Amanda."

I figured I should let you all know a little bit about myself as one of the contributors to "Fluffy Bums for Dum Dums."  My road to cloth diapering is very much a roller coaster ride.  After almost a year of trying to get pregnant I was delighted to finally get that plus sign on that magical little stick.  Then the planning began.  There were so many things to do...nursery decor, adorable clothing, formula or breast feeding, and then there are the diapers.  I was fortunate to have a friend who had just forayed into the world of cloth diapers.  And of course as all good addicts do I jumped on the band wagon.  I was researching day and night and I think the husband thought my hormones made me go a little diaper cuckoo.  But, at least he was on board.  Fast forward and our beautiful and marvelous little boy from heaven arrived.

We get home and I am ready with prepped BumGenius 3.0 diapers and an itty bitty baby.  I put one on him, and within minutes...he pooped!  What the heck?!  That wasn't supposed to happen.  He was supposed to make it through all three diapers I had before having a poop.  There is nothing like trying to get sticky newborn poop off of a cloth diaper.  With horror on my face I quickly rethought the whole cloth diapering situation, and stashed them away.  It actually turned out to be a good decision for me as my son was diagnosed with an allergy about a month after birth which had caused diarrhea poops with every bottle he took.  Poor little guy!  I know I couldn't have emotionally handled the cloth diapering with everything else I was going through as a new mom.

But, we got that under control and as time went on we started eating solid foods.  Then it dawned on me.  The heavens parted and a ray of sunshine shone upon me (okay, not really, but you get the picture) I could retry cloth diapering.  With the help of Natalie and Valerie I dove head first into the giant sea of cloth diapers.  And here we are...I am a newbie.  And I look forward to sharing all of my newbie experiences with you.

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