Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trials of a Dum Dum: Overnight Part 2

Well, we tried our indian prefolds in the diapers overnight (and during the day).  Remember, my son is 8 months old, about 21 lbs..  We've only used it at night twice because we only have one and I do laundry every other day.  So here is a run down of our last 2 nights:

Night 1:  bumGenius 3.0 on highest rise setting.  The pocket was so full with the premium indian prefold and the microfiber insert that it was really difficult to even get it on my son.  I find that the BGs seem to have a lower rise compared to some other pocket diapers.  But, after some work I got it on.  My son had the biggest bum I'd ever seen.

We made it through the night without any leaks on the highest rise setting (which is what he is on normally anyway)!  Woo!!!  The prefold did a great job of absorbing all of the way down.  Microfiber always seems to just absorb in one spot.  He woke up as dry as could be.

Lesson learned:  The bumGenius is a good way to go because the PUL layer overlaps on the top locking in moisture.  You'll see why that is important in a second.

Night 2:  This time we tried the same setup, premium indian prefold topped with microfiber insert.  We attempted a different diaper this time though and used a Haute Pocket.  Normally my son is on the medium rise setting in this diaper during the day so I used the same setting for the night.  MAJOR LEAKAGE!  He was soaked down to his feet in the a.m.  (Yeah, my son doesn't wake up when he pees in his bed.)

I have a couple of theories:
1)  The Haute Pocket does not have the protective PUL at the top of the diaper like the BG and that's where his diaper was wet in the morning.  So, I believe compression caused the diaper to leak out of the top (my son is a tummy sleeper of his own accord).  This got his pajama pants wet and then caused the pants to wick the moisture all of the way down to his toes.

I will attempt this diaper again as it was much easier to get it on him being a slightly larger diaper compared to the BG.  Next time I will open the snaps to the largest setting to see if that gives the top a more snug fit so as to trap any moisture.

I know that this can work since it happened once so I just have to figure out what diaper it is going to work best in.  Also, I guess it will depend on how much he pees each night.

The trials continue...

Daytime:  The regular indian prefold alone did help my son to last to the 2 hour mark each time it was used.  Woo!

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