Monday, November 16, 2009

Trials of a Dum Dum: Overnight

I thought I'd do some posts for all of the newbies like me out there.  Or shall I say Dum Dums?  Yep, I'm the first to admit that I am one of those people.  Although CDing off and on since Gabriel was born there is still much I have to learn.  Isn't that the case with anything you take on though?  Such as being a mom?  And look how many of us are jumping on that band wagon?  :)  For good reason!  So, no fear....  Right?

Not much about cloth diapering scares me.  But, there is that one itty bitty part of our day called nighttime.  Yep.  Nighttime.  Sure, all day long you're moseying along.  Maybe you have a leak to deal with, but nothing like you will experience in the middle of the night or the next morning.  Finding the right nighttime diaper is like looking for a needle in a haystack from some.  Others get lucky on the first go 'round.

I have a super soaker.  My son can soak through 2 microfiber inserts in 30 min. - 1 hour during the day.  We tried 2 microfibers at night, and we tried adding the wrong kind of hemp doubler at night.  I use all pockets, and I stuffed it with a Hemp Night Stay Dry Doubler from Green Mountain Diapers.  The problem was they had fleece on top...good for a fitted diaper, but not for a pocket.  As the fleece and the inner of the pocket diaper work against each other somewhat slowing absorption.  I even tried lying that on top of the pocket and yet, still didn't work.

So, I got in touch with Stephanie at Abby's Lane and explained my nighttime situation.  I told her that my son was 20ish lbs., 8 months old, and what I had already tried.  She informed me that many people have kids who outgrow the absorbency of microfiber by 6 months old.  (Some even 2-4 months old.  So, if you're having daytime leaking problems regularly this could be why.)  I told her that on his bumGenius 3.0s he was on the large setting, and a medium on his Haute Pockets.  I also told her that after buying a large number of diapers I was on a tighter budget and wanted to be economic about my purchases.  I LOVE that she completely respected that.  Thanks, Stephanie!

She suggested getting some indian cotton twill prefolds.  One in regular size for the daytime and one in premium (topped with a microfiber insert) for the nighttime.  These apparently have a lot more absorbency than the microfiber inserts or towels.  They showed up today and I can't wait to try them out.  They're going through a few wash and dry cycles as we speak so they're prepped for tomorrow!  :)  I will definitely keep all of you posted on the nighttime trials.  (And the daytime...we'll see if he can go longer than 1 hour in a CD.)

My goal (and Stephanie whole heartedly agrees) is to try everything I can to make my normal pocket diapers work for him at night.  To only buy a different diaper if nothing else works.  Fingers crossed that this will do the trick.  If not it's on to the next step.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!  I'll update you soon on our progress.  Maybe we'll find that elusive needle in the proverbial haystack.


  1. I'm interested to hear how your prefolds worked as inserts. My son is only 6 weeks old but I haven't been brave enough to use a CD at night. I'd love to get rid of 'sposies all together.

  2. Allison - Thanks for your comment. I will be trying the prefolds all week to see how it goes. Tonight is the first nighttime trial. His fluffy bum is HUGE with the prefold and the microfiber insert. I'm surprised I could even get the diaper to fit on him. I'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes! Keep your fingers crossed for me. :)