Thursday, March 24, 2011

I can't keep up...

Well, it's been a while huh?

I can't keep up.  Lets I ended up liking prefolds better than the fitteds I had.  The fitteds were just a little too tight in the legs for my chunky monkey.  We quickly moved into pockets (bumGenius 3.0 & 4.0, Rocky Mountain, Rump-a-Rooz, and Haute Pockets.  But, I found that there was waaaay too much bulk between my 2 kids for even a short outing in my diaper bag let alone a long one.  And I don't like to carry 600 bags with me, or keep stuff in the car and have to keep going back and forth.  So I sold everything.  Yup, everything.

We moved entirely, for both kids to Thirsties Stay Dry Duo inserts (microfiber topped with microfleece that snaps to a jersey hemp insert) with either Thirsties Duo covers, Flip covers, and a couple of Bummis covers.  And I am LOVING it.  Those inserts are work horses for both of my kids and soooo much trimmer.  I can fit more into the diaper bag, and fit actual correct sizing of pants onto my kids.  :D  Color me happy.

We did have a brief hiatus as we have moved to another state and I don't cloth diaper without my sprayer hooked up.  But, we are back to it and loving it.

Now on to my sad news.  As I have found my favorite diaper I no longer have diapers to review.  And while I could go back and review all of the ones I've used....sooooo many manufacturers have changed their diapers in the last year, that I can't possibly keep up.  And this baby making shop is closed.  lol  I'm still happy to help people.  So you can hit my up at my other blog:

And I will soon be opening an Etsy store with art and products for kids rooms/playrooms under the same The Cozy Pumpkin name so be on the lookout for that.  But, for now...I guess it's peace out.  Although most of you have probably stopped checking this site anyway.  Thanks for looking, and who knows.  Maybe I'll be back someday to write about some diapering challenge I've faced and conquered.  (Or maybe I'll be back when we're potty training to vent.  lol)