Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket - CHEAP Diapering Solution

Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket Diaper - $12.95 for a plain color, $16.95 for the cow print

Materials:  The outer material is PUL (the cow print is minky), the inner of the diaper is microfleece (the cow print is suede cloth).  The rise and closure are snaps.  Microfiber insert and doubler.
Fit:  7 - 35 lbs.
How it works:  This Tweedle Bugs Diaper is a One Size Pocket Diaper.  The Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket has openings at the front and back of the diaper for easy stuffing (or removal of insert).  The rise is adjustable through a series of snaps on the front of the diaper and the waist closure is a two snap adjustment on each side.
Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  It is so unfortunate that this diaper comes in so few colors.  While having the one cow print available is nice, I wish they would focus on having more solids available first.  There are only 6 solids available: black, white, blue, light blue, green (pale), and yellow (pale).  While they may have chosen these colors for their "gender neutral" friendliness I actually find them to be more geared towards boys.  (Now my oldest is a boy so I don't mind that, but it is unfortunate for moms who would like a cheaper diaper with more variety of colors.)  I find it odd that the snaps on the black diaper are also black, but on the other colors are all white.  

Functionality -  For what the Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in function.  I love the PUL on this diaper as the inside isn't "sticky" like so many PUL diapers are.  It makes sliding the insert into the pocket a breeze!  I also like the pocket opening in the front and the back.  This makes the Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket easy to un-stuff if you have a messy blow out poop at the back.  If I had a qualm with the front opening it would be that you need to tuck the microfleece over the insert.  Otherwise it sticks out of the top.  The microfleece is supposed to stick out the top of the back (although you can tuck it if you prefer).  I love a diaper that has two snaps on each wing.  That makes the adjusting at the waist and thighs so much easier, gives a tighter fit all around, and stops wing droop-age.  The rise on this diaper is should accommodate the weight limits they give from what I can tell.

Durability -  The Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket has held up well to many washings.  The PUL has stayed nice as well as the color, and the inside remains soft.

Availability -  I have found this diaper to be fairly easy to come across unlike the other cheap diapers I have reviewed for you.  Just type it into google and you should find a good number of stores that carry the Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket Diaper.

Of all of the "cheap" diapers I have tried the Tweedle Bugs is by far my favorite one.  I will definitely be holding onto this one.  With that said...I think they can only gain a larger customer base by adding more color and/or print options to their line.

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  1. The Tweedle Bugs One Size Pocket Diapers will soon be available in more solid colors and a couple other prints.