Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review: Knickernappies OneSize Disposanot Pocket

Diaper:  Knickernappies OneSize Disposanot Pocket - $19.95 (Diaper, 1 microfiber insert, 1 microfiber doubler); $24.95 if you want to replace the microfiber insert with 2 LoopyDo inserts.
Materials:  Outer layer PUL, with an inner of polyester non-pill fleece, Lastin elastic in the legs and waist, snap side closure, snap OS rise adjustment, 2 options on inserts:
2 microfiber inserts (one regular, one doubler)
2 LoopyDo Inserts
Fit:  8 - 40 lbs.
How it works:  Knickernappies OS Disposanots are a pocket diaper in which inserts are placed inside the diaper between the inner lining and outer PUL to absorb moisture.  The inner fleece lining wicks moisture away from the baby's skin keeping it dry.  If you have a heavy wetter the LoopyDo inserts may be the way to go for you as they are made of microfiber and hemp.  The one size adjustment is on the front.  This diaper has a higher rise allowing you to have an x-small, small, medium, and large setting.  (X-small being snapped not he smallest setting and Large being open all of the way.)  The waist adjustment on these diapers is slightly different in that they are a side snapping diaper.  The wings have the female portion of the snap on them, in two rows, and this wraps across baby's waist.  The front of the diaper has the male snap parts on the sides.  This allows you to pull across the baby's waist and snap tightly on the sides getting a nice fit.  This will also make it harder for older toddler's to pull this diaper off on their own.  (That could be a good or bad thing.)

Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  A nice variety of colors available.  Many gender neutral color options.  I like the side snapping action on these, as it gives the front of the diaper a very sleek appearance with fewer snaps.  I wish the OS snaps were the same color as the diaper as it would make the diaper almost seamless in appearance.  

Functionality - There is a very small learning curve with the Knickernappies OS diapers in that you must learn how to adjust evenly on both sides of the waist; otherwise your diaper will look lopsided.  But, that only takes a time or two to get used to.  I LOVE that there are two rows of snaps so I can do the top and bottom row tighter or looser than the other as needed. It makes it a diaper that truly grows with your baby's waist size.  The wings, being tucked in the front of the diaper, make this diaper bulkier INSIDE the diaper.  But, it looks very trim from the outside.  My son doesn't seem to mind the excess fabric at his tummy, and the wings are lined with fleece, so you don't have to worry about scratchy PUL touching the baby's skin.  

The pocket is nice and wide.  My husband can easily help me stuff these diapers, and the pocket is also lined with elastic to keep any inserts from slipping up the back.

Knickernappies OS diapers have a VERY high rise on them.  (They remind me of my Tiny Tush Elite OS diapers.)  So, they will last you a LONG time.  With that said, I wouldn't recommend this as a diaper to start in the newborn stage or even the early infant stage with.  It will seem very large on a tiny baby, but once your child is of a good size these will be very trim and comfortable.  I can tell that these will definitely see my 13 month old son into potty training.  

I have heard that these diapers are highly recommended for potty training.  You can set the snaps looser on the side so they act as a pull up.  Or you can snap them tightly so that an "adventurous" toddler cannot pull them off easily on their own.  The plus side to this is that they are flexible for use into the older years of toddlerhood.  The only downside I can see to using this as a training pant is that the fleece inner will keep your child from feeling the sensation of being wet.  

Durability -  After using the Knickernappies OS diapers for about 5 months I can tell you that these are showing NO signs of wear.  The fleece inner isn't pilled at all.  Not even a tiny bit.  The PUL is still vibrant, the elastic in great condition, and the snaps are perfect as well.  It takes a little bit longer to dry when hang drying than diapers that don't have the fleece at the wings, but you need that to keep baby dry.  

All in all I love Knickernappies OS diapers and they are one of my FAVORITE pockets.  I would highly recommend them to any mommy.  And if you plan on using prefolds and fitteds on your newborn for the first few months then these are a great pocket to transition to at about 3-4 months of age.  :)  And just think...it will last you until potty training.  For real!   

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