Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Review: Rocky Mountain Diapers

Rocky Mountain Diapers - $19.50, Seconds for $15.50; Some styles $18.95 here.
Materials:  Outer layer PUL, with an inner of suedecloth, internal leg casing snap adjusters on the elastic for OS abilities, 1 microfiber insert.
Fit:  5 - 30 lbs.
How it works:  Rocky Mountain Diapers are a OS Pocket diaper with an unique rise adjustment system.  The pocket is stuffed with the included microfiber insert or insert of your choice.  The internal rise adjustment works similar to FuzziBunz in that the adjusters are in the leg casings rather than on the outside of the diaper.  More on that in Functionality.  The waist closure system is snaps only.

Thoughts from Amanda:
Aesthetics -  I love the colors of the Rocky Mountain Diaper.  They have fresh fruity colored diapers, yummy chocolate PUL diapers with colorful suedecloth inners, Cow print, and monkey prints.  I also like that the rise adjustment system is hidden in the leg casings giving this diaper a cleaner appearance on the outside.  This diaper only comes snaps for the waist closure system.  The snaps are in a single row which helps with the simplified look of the diaper, and I have never experienced wing droop.

Functionality -  I would like to start off by saying that I love that this company actually is truthful in their fit.  5 - 30 lbs. seems very accurate to me, although they may appear bulky on a newborn because they will bunch in the front.  I would compare the rise to a BumGenius 3.0 diaper.  Although, somehow, my son is still not on the highest setting in his Rocky Mountain diapers, although he is in his bumGenius diapers.  Go figure.  However, when looked at side by side (and maybe it's due to snap closure v. the aplix) they look about the same.  This diaper is very trim.  Much trimmer than other pockets I own.  And I find the pocket to be nice and wide which makes it easy for myself or my husband to stuff.

The rise adjustment system on the Rocky Mountain Diaper is unique.  It can be found in the leg casings of the diaper so you will actually have to go inside the pocket to each leg gusset to find the elastic.  On each leg elastic there are a series of snaps.  Just pull the elastic tighter or let it go looser and snap in place to adjust the fit.  Because the adjusters are in the casing there is no rubbing against baby's skin.  :)  The only thing to be careful of is that you get both legs on the same setting but that is very easy to do.  I actually like this a lot more than the FuzziBunz system as you only have to adjust the back and not the front as well.

My son is 24 lbs. and we are not in danger of him outgrowing them anytime soon.  :)  This diaper does have a low rise though, so that is something to be aware of as it may not last you through potty training.

Durability -  I bought my diapers from Rocky Mountain as seconds and they are in GREAT condition.  The suedecloth always stays nice and soft and they have held up well to many washings over the last 6 months of use.  

Although smaller in rise, I do highly recommend this diaper.  Rocky Mountain Diapers are sturdy and trim.  They stand the test of time and are super cute to boot.  

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