Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I made up my mind!!! And it will surprise you...

So, after tons of research, opinion gathering, and talking things out with my husband I have decided how I will diaper 2.0 (the new baby) for the first 4ish months of life.  :)  And I think the results will surprise you.

For the daytime I have a few options for myself:

1 SoftBums cover with 3 inserts, and 1 Flip.  These are mostly to try out and see how I like them for as the baby gets a little older.  But, I want to have them on hand to try and I plan on testing them on my son first.

Now...take a seat, because this will shock you.  Are you sitting now?  Good.

24 infant prefolds!!!!

I know, I know.  You can't believe it right?  Well, here are my thoughts.  After doing lots of research on sizing and pricing I just couldn't find THE diaper I wanted (not that I knew what that would be) for the money I wanted to spend.  This time in a baby's life is so short I didn't want to spend a fortune on expensive diapers.  I'll spend more on the diapers 2.0 will use for the remaining diapering time.  So, prefolds were economical and I convinced my husband that he could do it.  :)  12 of my prefolds I bought on a swap board for $13.  They are unbleached OsoCozy brand.  The other 12 are Little Lions Infant Seconds that I got for $13 as well.  I use their prefolds in my son's pocket diapers and love them.  So soft.  Now I am skipping over newborn prefolds but that is because I would rather fold the front down a smidge and use something longer than have a prefold that will only work for a couple of weeks for me.  We plan on using sposies until the umbilical cord comes off anyway...especially for a boy because he would be circumcised and I don't want vaseline all over my fleece barriers.

I still have yet to get my covers, but I'll wait until we find out if the baby is a boy or girl.  I plan on getting 6  or 8 covers.  2 for daytime each day and 1 or 2 for nighttime.

For nighttime:

I will not be prefolding at night though.  No way.  Too exhausting.  And I know my husband would refuse to help out in the middle of the night if that was his only option as well.  Therefore, I have ordered 12 Cozy Cub Fitteds by Little Lions.  $99 for 12 fitted diapers!  I was hard pressed to find as high a quality diaper for that price anywhere else.  Green Mountain Fitteds came close, but I think the materials in these will be softer and more absorbent in the long run.

We also have 1 bumGenius AIO size small that we will be using at night.  If you're looking for a good deal on bumGenius hop on over to Kelly's Closet and click on the link at the top of the page for the BG coupons.  That's how I got my AIO.  And I bought the Flip diaper as my purchase item.  Not bad to get 2 diapers for the price of one, or 10% off the one-size bg 24 pack.  :)



  1. Awesome! =D I really do think prefolds are way practical, if a little more time-consuming. I've never CD'ed a newborn either, but when the time comes I suspect that'll be the case for us as well.

  2. I am using prefolds, actually the Bummis newborn organic prefold kit. I loved using prefolds with my first child however started late from bad advice (8 weeks) so didn't get much use out of them. Now I am going to use these from the get go!