Saturday, March 20, 2010

You tell me...

So...being the "newbie" (*** I think our first commenter misunderstood as they do not frequent this blog.  So, for new people...welcome, and I am not new to CDing.  Just to CDing a newborn.) on Fluffy Bums I have not ever CD'd a newborn.  My lovely husband begs me not to do it until we start solid foods, as that's when we started our son.  A BIG part of me agrees with him.  But, maybe that's because I've never had to CD a newborn before???

So lets say this...for the first few weeks I am using disposables.  Heck...with lack of sleep and washing my son's CDs I will deserve a few disposables in my life.  lol

But, what's your advice.  What do you recommend? I don't want tons of fitteds for newborns.  Not gonna happen.  But, what diapers do you like for small babies into the toddler years?  Yeah, that's right...OS diapers.  lol  Does such a thing truly exist?



  1. Honestly I just can't imagine a OS that would fit a newborn well AND a toddler well. I've not heard of any that truly fit both ends (hehe, pun intended) as they're meant to.

    I would highly highly suggest prefolds. I know I know, it sounds like a huge pain in the rear. However, I would NOT wait for solids to switch over. When I started CDing my newborn I switched my toddler as well, and older baby/solids poo is in another realm from mild newborn poo. Also, there's no need to rinse newborn poo! (Assuming you're breastfeeding, I have no clue if the same is true of newborn formula poo)

    Watch a few videos on youtube about putting on prefolds. Take a deep breath. See? It's EASY! And it truly is. (I highly suggest using snappi's. I know some still use pins and that's awesome but it is nowhere near as user friendly. There's a bit of a learning curve with those.) But. You can get a ton of prefolds for cheap. Just a couple covers (depending on the type you can reuse them throughout the day) will do you. Those will buy you a few months and in the meantime you can be trying out OS diapers and seeing what you really like. We figured we'd go the easy way the first two weeks, not overwhelm ourselves with cloth, and try disposables.

    (We sposied our first until he was 2) BAD PLAN! Man he was just a leak machine. About 5 or 6 days in we had a night where we changed his diapers and clothes about 3 times and said to hell with it, we're trying cloth! My god the difference is night and day. It is SO rare that we get a leak. Meanwhile every onesie that we hung onto from our first has at least one poop stain on it because the disposables exploded THAT often. (And we tried many brands.)

    It seems daunting, but you can do it!

  2. I actually adore CDing my Toddler and dealing with his firm poops that just fall into the toilet. :)

    I have lots of prefolds that I stuff into his pocket diapers. I did try putting them on him once (after much research on how to do it effectively) though with a Snappi and I HATED it. I hated that all of the wetness was right up on him, and I dislike needing the covers. Because I know that when the baby is no longer using the prefolds outright I woudn't want any of that stuff anymore and I don't want to have to sell of tons of covers. lol

    Plus...I need something husband and mother-in-law friendly, and prefolds aren't it. Fitteds maybe. My son used to have a few fitteds. I'm thinking of SoftBums. I read that they fit newborns to toddler years pretty nicely.

    Thanks for the advice, but I don't think prefolds are for me. :) Oh, and no breastfeeding here. Not able to. And no, formula fed poops can not be put directly in the washer. :) FYI

  3. Hi Amanda! This is LeAnn from Giggle Britches. The only one size system I know of that fits babies through toddler is the SoftBums system. I will send you some more info and my opinions later, but it truly is a great diapering system that is worth the extra money it costs.

  4. Hey LeAnn,
    I actually just e-mailed you through your store site yesterday b/c I was curious about them for my newborn and 1 year old. So you'll probably see that in your inbox. :) Can't wait to hear from you. :)