Friday, March 26, 2010

Operation: fall in Love with Rockin Green

I know.. I know.. I have been letting Amanda do all the writing, but here I am!
I spent 1 month with my whole mission being to fall in love with Rockin Green Laundry Soap. I bought a big bag of the grape soda (yum! I have a love of Fanta Grape so that is why I chose that scent).
pre-month: I stripped all diapers so I could start fresh. (with RG) I followed the instructions on the card that the soap came with.
week 1: I soaked all my diaper loads of no more than 10 diapers in 3 Tbsp of RG and scalding hot water mixed with boiled from stove top and hot from the tap. I did this because I was told by many that the reason the first time I tried RG was because I didn't have hot water to my washer and it requires hot to activate. Well, all week I activated that crap and still, the diapers smelled like crap. Oh, so I did the soak with detergent, then wash then 2 rinse cycles.
week 2: Maybe I need a smaller wash cycle. So I did 120 degree water with 6-8 diapers and repeated wash routine from week 1. result" crappy smelling diapers.
week 3: the way to get hot water out to my laundry room became a serious pain in the ass. So I returned to my cold water and put in 8 Tbsp. of RG. Well the diapers didn't smell crappy anymore but they did still have a dingy look to them.
week 4: went out and bought Tide regular because I ran out of RG and voila! my diapers were clean, white and fluffy.


  1. You say that you normally use Tide that powder? I'm going to cloth diaper my new baby & want to use Tide...just want to make sure I get the right one!! Also...are there any scent issues with this?

  2. Yeah, we use a no-no detergent around here (All Free and Clear) and it's been great from day one. No fragrances (which I hate anyway, I don't want to smell like a smelly thing!) and we've not had any issues with buildup or repelling. Cold short wash (or just a rinse) then a hot full was with 1/4 detergent. Pop them in the drier about 80-90 mins on high heat (I'm hard on my diapers, but I can't handle crusty line-dry laundry) and we're set! Fluffy and soft and wonderous.

  3. Jessica, I only have a cold wash washer. I have an outdoor wash room that is only hooked to cold water so I am using Tide liquid. I think powders work best with hot waters. I have not had any scent issues, but to be sure you can always do a strip every few months.

    Stassja, I tried the All Free and Clear and also liked that. I also do not line dry but mainly because I live in South Florida and the air is wetter than my pool.

    I am beginning to think the Rockin Green is so popular because it's the "cool" thing now.

  4. Jessica - Just be very careful of that sensitive newborn skin. Keep a close eye out for rashes. Hope it works for you. My son can't come within a foot of Tide or he gets a rash. :(

    Natalie - Yay! You blogged. :) I am about to go buy another bottle of Planet to see if that gets rid of the ammonia smell. I have tried Dawn & bleach (gave DS a rash), Vinegar on the inserts only, RnG "Rock the Soak" and none have worked. So I think a switch in detergent may be in order. Not happy about that as Planet is so much more expensive, but I can get it locally and I'm hoping that will get rid of the stinkies. I'm starting to share your opinion of RnG.

  5. I use All Free & Clear for all of our laundry and it cleans my BG 3.0s just fine. But over the past few weeks I have been having a little leakage, so I tried some samples of the RG classic rock and did the soaks as the label says and wasn't too impressed. But I went ahead and got a bag of the Hard rock since I know we have very hard water here. I washed all my diapers with the same routine: cold wash w/detergent, but added a 30 minute pre-soak to the Hot wash w/ more detergent and second cold rinse. The very first wash I noticed an improvement in the cleaning and no more leaks. I like to sun the liners even if it's really humid cause it gets rid of the tough stains.