Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Smell is GONE!!!!

So, I finally got rid of the ammonia smell in my diapers.  After trying Blue Dawn with a little bleach (note to self...admit that you can not use bleach with your kid's sensitive skin and we'll all be better off) with many many many rinses, vinegar rinses, and Rockin' Green's "Rock the Soak" (none of which worked) I have solved the problem!!!

I did A LOT of research and discovered that my problem was hard water build up.  Yep, the hard water (which I knew I had) has mineral deposits in it (which I also knew) that apparently build up over time in your diapers.  That I did not know!  So using Dawn, bleach, and vinegar till the cows came home wasn't going to do a darn thing for me.  It also let me know that the Rockin' Green wasn't the problem.  So, how did I solve the issue you may be asking?

Calgon.  Yep!  Calgon.  1/2 a capful of Calgon, in a load of already cleaned diapers per my usual routine, with my inserts and covers in a HOT wash and WARM rinse.  Followed by another WARM rinse.  Voila! Smells be gone.  No more ammonia smell, no more faint poopy smell...perfect diapers.  :)  I have decided to start doing a Calgon wash once a month to keep the stinkies at bay.

Keep in mind there are MANY reasons your diapers could have an ammonia smell: concentrated urine, too much detergent, too little detergent, non-CD friendly diaper rash treatments, using a fabric softener, and hard water mineral deposits.

Here is the website I used to help resolve this issue.  I hope you find it helpful:

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